Homer 5A friend asked me yesterday why I hadn’t replied to the email she sent me on my blog. I was surprised as I hadn’t received an email from her, or in fact from anyone through my blog since it launched last November. I’ve had plenty of comments but no emails at all.
I thought I’d better check if the ‘Contact’ form worked or not and …it didn’t! I quickly realised it hasn’t been working the whole time my blog has been live. 🙁
Unfortunately due to a very daft error I made, any email sent through the Contact page was deemed to be a malicious form of spam and banished into the digital cosmos. So if anyone else has sent me an email in the last 3 months then unfortunately it won’t have reached me. I’m very sorry about this. It’s a really frustrating fault to find and I sincerely apologise for not replying. I reply to all comments and I would have replied to all emails.
I have corrected the fault which took all of 5 seconds. So the Contact form absolutely definitely works now. If you previously sent me an email perhaps you could take the time to re-send it please? I promise you’ll get a reply this time!
Yours sincerely,
A Reluctant (and rather dopey) Contortionist.