Buzzfeed 2I thought Buzzfeed only made trivial lists ranking celebrities cellulite etc. but apparently not. I just found their list of random facts about EDS, and it’s well researched and very good. I could have saved myself all the trouble of starting a blog and just put the link on my Facebook page!

I have Hypermobility type EDS. Some of the issues they’ve mentioned, such as the risk of organ rupture and ‘fake heart attacks’, only really apply to other types of EDS. But it’s well worth reading and even mentions the recently opened EDS research centre in Baltimore, USA, which many of us with EDS have high hopes for.

To read Buzzfeed’s ‘Thirty One Random Facts About Ehlers Danlos Syndrome’ click HERE or on the big red Buzzfeed button

Update: The author of the list has also posted two other lists about EDS on Buzzfeed. Both are worth reading and sharing: ‘16 Things Healthy People Say to EDSers’ and ‘Signs You Might Be a Zebra’.

I should explain that the zebra is the EDS ‘mascot’. Medical students are taught the phrase ‘When you hear hooves, think horses, not zebras’. It encourages doctors to assume the simplest explanation is usually correct. But of course sometimes the simplest explanation isn’t correct, as with EDS…

Doctors use the term ‘zebra’ in reference to rare conditions and it’s slowly been adopted by the EDS community across the world as EDS is considered a rare condition. You often see zebras or the zebra pattern on printed material and websites about EDS.

Thanks, Ceri.