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  1. David

    Ces – very good summary; needs new lyrics to the “12 days of Christmas” tune. As a part participant, you haven’t quite caught the fraught tension that accompanied the minutes & hours of this “Winter”s Tale”, inc. the hours with the “Trolly song”, but that may be for the best.
    Just glad u r back home. Happy NY.
    D. Xx

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    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Thank you. – It wasn’t a nice couple of weeks, particularly due to the time of year. But it was a healthy reminder of just how easily I can end up in hospital, and also what a comfortable and fun place to live my flat is. I missed it a lot …my family too of course!
      Happy new year to you too. x

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  2. Paul

    Good to hear you are back home Ceri!

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    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Thank you. Hopefully to stay this time. The infection took 7 days to reoccur the first time, I’ve now been back at home for 6 days… But I feel fine, watching Spurs play, all good. C

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  3. Rhiannon

    Hi Cousin,

    So glad that you’re home and feeling better. I’m glad that you had a nice Christmas party and that Ken arrived on time. Dani’s clothes are lovely, especially the sparkly top! Thank you. How cool is that tree decoration?! Happy new year xxx

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    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Hi Noogs,
      Thank you, it’s great to be home. It was a frustrating couple of weeks but Christmas day itself was lovely. I hope Dani’s first Christmas was one to remember and she didn’t sleep all day…
      Hope to see you soon, I’ll show you all my Star Wars toys if you visit (could take a while!)
      HNY xxx

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      • Rhiannon

        I’d like that 🙂 hope to visit soon. Looking forward to the next blog xx

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  4. Mary

    Hmmm….. you forgot to mention the two overnight stays in a noisy A and E department, and the sixteen hours on a trolley while they tried to find you a bed. Maybe it’s best forgotten. It’s great to have you back in your warm and comfy home again! xxx

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    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Hmmm… your list could go on, with missing the series finale of Homeland being the biggest hardship. But they did, eventually, make me better. Plus I was at home for Christmas, so there’s a lot to be grateful for too. – Thanks for all your help while I was in hospital. Sorry for my grumpy days x

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  5. Sian Graham

    Oooh, I never expected a name check! You’re very welcome, I’m glad Scott and I were around to help… tis the season and all that. It was a great party on Christmas night, especially for “Karaoke Carys”. I can’t believe you had even more food ordered! Fingers crossed for the next few days and here’s to a healthy 2015 ! Lots of love xxxx

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    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Smoked salmon blinis, spicy pear pies and chocolate covered Brazil nuts, all ordered for your pleasure but out of stock on the day, sorry. I also had charades prepared, mainly for Carys, but forgot all about them. It was a lovely night, thank you for being part of it. But hopefully Christmas 2015 will run a little smoother with no health dramas x x x

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