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  1. Paul

    I’m just wondering how good the food will be at BBQ will be from someone who hasn’t eaten for a few years… Great post!

    buy Lyrica from mexico

    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Thank you. – The food will be poor, probably burnt, with some wasps flying round it …so a typical English BBQ way below Aussie standards, sorry. Alternatively I could treat you to a cup of odourless, tasteless enteral feed?! 🙂

      cheap flights lyrics

  2. David Teasdale

    Great, positive stuff, and very good to read. Seriously.
    And the punctuation is improving.
    We’re very similar, you know, thee and me. I also plan, for 2015, to stay out of hospitals, be hydrated, and get out more. By popular demand, naturally. Oh, and finish the book, write another hundred songs, and rock n roll…………..
    I pledge thee my unwavering support.

    can you buy Lyrica from canada

    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Thank you for your message, and support. – You’re right we are relatively similar (see what I did there?) Apart from your very poor taste in football teams of course, and I don’t stay hydrated with wine…
      Good luck with the book, songs, rocking and rolling etc.
      Please note, my grammar is checked by a former English teacher. I’m assured it’s fine, better than yours judging by your comment. (‘Seriously.’ is not a sentence. Also you can’t start a sentence with ‘And’!)
      If you need any more tips just ask. Regards.

      can i buy generic Lyrica

  3. Rhiannon

    Hi Ceri,

    I enjoyed this entry very much. What a lovely motivated outlook for the year.

    Wishing you all the best with your resolutions and sending lots of love from Wales (and a kiss from Dani) xxxx

    buy a heart lyrics

    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Hi Rhiannon,
      Thank you. Walking is going to be the hardest challenge. My physio has a plan thankfully. I’ll start by walking once every 4 days, then try to build up the distance and frequency. At the moment I’m doing strengthening and stretching exercises to prepare. – I’m quite excited about it. It would be amazing to walk regularly again, even short distances.
      Love Cousin Ceri (and a kiss right back for Dani X)

      buy Lyrica in canada

  4. Liz Reynaud

    Hi Ceri, So good to feel that Teasdale humour and dogged determination shining through again after such a quiet time on your blog over the festive season!! I might tell you that you were in my and the Reynaud gang’s thoughts all over Christmas & New Year, and in between visits to Manchester to see Mark and family and skypes to LA loved ones etc., I’d call up your site hoping to see some sign of activity. So glad you’re back, and good luck with all your excercise plans – big (gentle) hugs. PS Don’t like Facebook, Twitter, Tweet whatever….but for you I’ve ‘blogged’ for the first time (:-)….never too old to learn….Liz x and love to all your super family x

    buy Lyrica in mexico

    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Hi Liz,
      Lovely to hear from you, and thank you very much for blogging for the first time. It’s basically the same as sending me an email, except anyone in the world can read it! Thanks too for thinking of me over Christmas, but it wasn’t a serious infection. I was only in hospital because I have a Hickman line, so it was a lot of fuss about not much really. I was at home on Christmas day thankfully and we had a fab time, the girls making it special as they always do.
      Nice to hear you saw Mark and family over Christmas. Photos of his gorgeous little ones come up on Facebook sometimes. Eddie is the spitting image of Mark and Mike at the same age, even the golden curls! I can’t imagine what Christmas in LA is like. Turkey burgers on the beach maybe?! I’ll ask Mike some time. Love to all Reynauds, Ceri x

      buy Lyrica in uk

  5. Lisa

    Hi Ceri, My friend Mark S tweeted about your blog, and I had to leave you a note, your writing has a really honest and engaging tone. And I remember what Christmas in hospital was like (backstory: ulcerative colitis, total colectomy). I wish you all the best in the world with your New Year Resolutions, and look forward to reading more, best Lisa

    buy Lyrica india

    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Hi Lisa,
      Thank you for your kind comment. I’ve met a number of people with ulcerative colitis during my hospital stays. It’s a very difficult condition. I really hope your surgery was successful.
      I was in school with Mark S and also a play once, ‘Forty Years On’ by Alan Bennett. Mark was brilliant, the play …less so!
      Thanks for following the blog. Best wishes, Ceri.

      buy Lyrica in thailand

  6. Jennifer Bowles Line

    Haha – made me laugh!

    buy Lyrica in ireland

    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Thank you! – I’m trying hard with my resolutions, especially the having more fun one 🙂

      buy Lyrica in australia

  7. Allie

    Way to be positive. 🙂

    buy Lyrica in dubai

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