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  1. Sian

    Surely your bear should be called “Han” after my favourite Star Wars character and also because it stands for Home Artificial Nutrition? (it’s in the picture at the top of this blog!) Carys says you should call him Teddington, no reason, the name just came to her, she says. We’re still waiting for Marcia’s suggestion but whilst I’m here I should observe that the bear has no pants on, perhaps you could call him “Flash”? He might be the saviour of the universe. You loved that film too! xxx

    buy Lyrica in canada

    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Thank you Sian & Carys for your suggestions. ‘Blog Bear’ and ‘Contortionist Bear’ have also been proposed (by people too lazy to type a few words to me!) I’ll make a decision when the bear arrives. Until then this very exciting pseudo-competition remains open. xxx

      buy Lyrica in mexico

  2. Paul

    What about ‘bendy bear’? Seems perfectly apt to me!

    buy Lyrica in uk

    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Thank you Paul. That’s a very good idea but not my current favourite, sorry. If you’re determined to win you’re welcome to make further suggestions (or perhaps offer a cash bribe 😀).

      buy Lyrica india

Buy Lyrica from canada, Buy Lyrica mexico