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  1. Sian

    Brilliant article Ces! I hope you get lots of feedback from it and new visitors to the blog.
    I guess inviting you to Marcia’s birthday dinner at Cleaver was pretty insensitive?! That’s what family is all about.
    Love you xxxx

    buy Lyrica europe

    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Thank you. I might come to Cleaver, sounds fun and I haven’t been to a restaurant in years. Either way, presents and games at mine afterwards?! xxx

      buy Lyrica from mexico

  2. David Teasdale

    Another “Well done” Ces………. That piece is descriptive, but also dramatic, insightful, interesting……. easy to read. You could write thrillers, you know!

    cheap flights lyrics

    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Thank you. I enjoyed writing it and I’ve had a lot of extra traffic on my blog over the last few days. So well worth the time. 😀

      can you buy Lyrica from canada

  3. Paul

    Nice one Ceri! I can sympathise with your situation as I once went 18 minutes without food – sheer torture.

    Seriously, an interesting read that helps describe how you have managed your condition over the years. Onwards and upwards


    can i buy generic Lyrica

    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      My weight gain is going onwards and upwards… but that’s good 😀. I’ve made a lot of progress when you look back at it. Hopefully the next few years will be less drama filled. – Smell a Wispa sometime! Thanks, Ceri.

      buy a heart lyrics

  4. alison

    Hi Ces

    I’m a friend of your dad’s and heard a lot about you over the years. Very moving to read your views and experiences. I’m glad to see someone in the family understands the rules of grammar 😉 I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with an Arsenal fan for the whole of your life too. There is so much love for you though, that is very clear. enjoy your holiday and I look forward to reading more.

    buy Lyrica in canada

    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Hi Alison,
      Thanks for your message.
      Having an Arsenal fan in the family is difficult, especially a guitar playing Arsenal fan. He would dispute the grammar criticism however. You may receive a stroppy email from him on the subject (possibly including very poor grammar 😀).
      I hope all is good at Goodform.

      buy Lyrica in mexico

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