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  1. Paul

    I’m surprised the ‘not puny’ rating is quite so high. I had it at around 3%.

    Great article Ceri, keep them coming.

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    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Thank you. – In case you were wondering, the part of my body that expensive scans found to be ‘not puny’ was my …brain. 🙂

      can you buy Lyrica from canada

  2. David

    This blog is interesting on three specific counts;-
    – your clever usage of long medical terms – almost as if you understood them;
    – your newly created, informative pie charts; I can recall when you thought that Pie charts referred to Desperate Dan’s diet in your weekly Beano;
    – your kind birthday wishes – more than I actually got on the day in question.

    I suppose I should add, on a less serious note; it’s ever a pleasure to be your accompanist. Next time, I’ll bring the guitar.

    can i buy generic Lyrica

    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Thank you for your comment. – No birthday wishes on the day? Do expensive gifts not count? I’ll remember that next year.
      I learnt one long medical term early in life as it was used so often in our house, Minoxidil (Regaine Hair Loss Treatment). Despite my genes I have no use for it.
      You’re welcome to accompany me any time. But no guitar, sorry. Not even on your birthday.

      buy a heart lyrics

      • Scott

        ‘Next time, I’ll bring the guitar’

        Ceri, there are people you can go to. You do not have to suffer these vile, violent threats alone.

        I will be there for you*

        *unless he brings his guitar. In which case, you are on your own!

        buy Lyrica in canada

        • A Reluctant Contortionist

          Thank you Scott. It’s reassuring to know that you’re there for me, …unless things get tough.

          As for my fathers guitar playing, I’m supportive of a hobby he loves and I carry no psychological scars from his regular home performances during my childhood (well apart from that twitching catatonic state I enter when I hear any song by The Everly Brothers).

          buy Lyrica in mexico

          • Scott

            Just think how the Everly Brothers feel about it!

            buy Lyrica in uk

  3. Amanda

    Hi Ceri, Looking at some of your gallery photos you did appear to have bobbed hair like a 30 year old female but no other comparisons I can see 😉 Glad you can still find humour in everything you have to go through. Hopefully this diagnosis will be the start of some very important treatment for you, All the best xxxx

    buy Lyrica india

    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Hi Amanda,
      My girly bob is my favourite of my many bad haircuts. Thankfully I don’t have photos of all of them. – Osteoporosis isn’t a nice diagnosis to add to my collection. But there are effective treatments and I’ll be on one of them soon. So no biggie!
      Thanks for your message x

      buy Lyrica in thailand

  4. Mary

    You must be radioactive after all those scans! I’ll bring my geiger counter next time I visit. At least it was only a robot’s arm waving at you and you didn’t have to lie in one of those claustrophobia-inducing rumbling tunnels…. Good luck with the treatment!

    buy Lyrica in ireland

    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      No sign of radiation sickness so far, unless it’s causing the grumpiness and laziness? – The treatment won’t start for a while and it’ll be a couple of years at least until my next bone scan. So there won’t be an update on my bone density problem for a while. Thanks for you comment.

      buy Lyrica in australia

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