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  1. Sally

    Great article xx

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  2. David

    I’ve said this before, but that has never stopped me from saying anything……..Your Guide to Hospitals is very good. It’s factual – not usually yr strong suit – and insightful and thought provoking. And no use anywhere of the word “Spurs”.
    Minor comment; on my hospital stays, getting outside wasn’t exactly an option.
    Your Guide has inspired me to take up “Guiding”. I’ve started one now on “Parenting”, with a special To Do list called “Son Tips”. I anticipate best seller status quite soon.
    David (Dad)

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    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Thank you. – The process was a little bumpy. I pitched three ideas to the editor, who chose the one I least wanted to write about. I took a week to find the motivation to start. Then due to some lost emails I wrote it to the wrong word count and had to cut the article by 50% very quickly to make the deadline. It turned out alright in the end!

      I remember a few of your son-tips. The good ones all ended with ‘don’t tell your mother’, the rest I’ve forgotten, sorry.

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  3. william graham

    Well said ,and well written,keep up the good work and your good sense of humour..

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    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Hi Bill. Thanks for your comment. I usually manage to keep my sense of humour pretty well. But on my odd grumpy days I’m lucky as your beautiful granddaughters live nearby. They’re always fun and make me laugh 🙂

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  4. Paul

    Nice article Ceri. Having had a child in hospital overnight before, I would also advice people visiting hospital who have to stay overnight by a loved ones bedside to think of the experience akin to taking a long haul overnight flight in economy class. Take neck pillows, iPad, book and miniature bottles of alcohol to get you through the experience…

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    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Thank you Paul. Who is the alcohol for, the visitor or the patient?! I’ve had many nights in hospital where some alcohol would have helped. I didn’t think I could put ‘Get Drunk’ in my ‘guide’ though 🙂 Thanks for your comment.

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