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  1. David

    Ces – somehow, and not for the first time, you manage to make the abnormal (and inherently unpleasant – at least for the rest of us), sound normal. Like, changing an old sweater, or fitting a new battery. In reality, it wasn’t like that at all, was it?
    I’m glad of course it’s been done, and even gladder that you are back home and safe and stitches are out and you are getting back to normal.
    Although of course your everyday isn’t normal either.

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    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately it is normal for me and for a lot of others with EDS. It’s not how anyone would choose to live, I miss food a lot, but it’s far better than the alternative! I try to concentrate on the things I can still do, and I’m lucky I have a very supportive family (unless we’re discussing club football, when support quickly vanishes 😀).

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  2. Alison

    Hi Ces

    I had only heard your father’s version of events, which failed to report the rubbish wifi.
    Clearly by far the most traumatic part.
    I am familiar with Hickman lines as Stuart had one fitted for his cancer treatment. They are fine when they work but scary when they don’t so I can imagine it was a huge relief to get a new one up and running when it’s your lifeline.Set a replacement diary entry for 3 years time in case you decide to change before the line does 😊
    Glad you had such great medical attention at the hospital. You are right we have a lot of amazing treatment in this country but often only the bad stuff gets reported.
    Thanks for the read and reminder of how much we take for granted.
    Best wishes

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    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Hi Ali,
      Thanks for your message. After 6 years it was a surprise the line completely blocked. I was admitted into hospital within a few hours and had to put my life on hold. So yes it was a very big relief to get it sorted. TV and wifi would have helped the time pass quicker, but maybe a digital detox every so often is a good thing?!
      It’s great to be back home. I’m still catching up on messages and jobs though. I’ll try to delegate a few to my father (slim chance 😀).
      I hope you, Oscar and Freya are well.
      Best wishes,

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  3. JOHN

    Thanks for sharing, and I so agree with contributor David (quite possibly an aging relative of the same name) about the way you are able to offer an objective commentary about these challenges. Your website is very readable and you have certainly lost none of your eloquence. All best wishes for a period of free flowing tubes.

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    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Hi John,
      Thanks for your kind comment, always nice to hear from you. A period of free flowing tubes sounds great. It’s been an odd few weeks so some time with friends and family and particularly my crazy nieces would be ideal.
      Say hello to all of your family from me please.
      Ceri 😀

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  4. Phil & Helga

    Hiya Ceri,
    We’re glad to hear that you’re now safely back home and getting back to normal.
    And now that you have access again to a working TV, you’ll be able to carry on enjoying Tottenham’s continuing ascendancy over Arsenal!
    Best wishes,
    Phil & Helga

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    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Hi Phil & Helga,
      Sorry for the slow reply, I’m still catching up after hospital. But it’s great to be back home. I’ve been enjoying lots of football and I’m particularly looking forward to the north London derby in a few weeks. It’ll be a tense day in the family, but I’m confident I’ll be smiling afterwards! 😀
      I hope you’re both well.
      Ceri ⚽️

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