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  1. Paul

    Great film Ceri and a great job raising awareness for the cause. Through your efforts, I’m sure that you will soon find the £250k that is required for this important research.

    Well done – you should feel proud.

    buy Lyrica in uk

    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Thank you Paul. I’m really pleased (and quite relieved 😀) how the film turned out, particularly as we had a relatively low budget. We’ve had lots of positive feedback so far, hopefully it’ll translate into donations and people fundraising. If we raise the money I’ll be very proud, but there’s a long way to go…

      buy Lyrica india

  2. Carol Leach

    thank you Ceri, I’m taking your advice, made a donation and am now sharing your message widely cx

    buy Lyrica in thailand

    • A Reluctant Contortionist

      Thank you Carol, much appreciated. The fundraising project is going very well, although there’s still a long way to go. You can follow our campaign on the EDS UK and The Ehlers-Danlos Society Facebook pages.

      buy Lyrica in ireland

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